Holiday Hostage is an award-winning comedic short film written, produced and starring David. It is about a dysfunctional Jewish family held hostage on Thanksgiving and also stars Maggie Wheeler ("Janice" from Friends), Don Stark (That 70's Show) and is directed by D.W. Moffett. (Friday Night Lights, Switched At Birth)


Holiday Hostage Trailer
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"Hilarious, brilliantly written dialogue with performances to match, this comedy is everything you can ask for...Great pace and ensemble work by the magnificent five!" - Festigious Film Festival
"Hilarious! Full of gags and ridiculously funny moments. Abby Walla and David Storch know how to write a comedy! Director D.W. Moffett and his talented cast excel in bringing a unique voice to every character in this unhinged Jewish family. The result? Total madness!" - Top Shorts
"The short is professionally produced with a good sitcom feel. The performances from Wheeler, Storch, and Walla are spot on. The comedy and script hit all the right moments, and the 15-minute runtime is perfect so as to not overstay its welcome."   - Film Threat
Love and Germophobia is an award-winning comedic short film co-produced by David and starring T.J. Miller. It is about a neurotic germophobe stuck in a hospital with his possible meningitis infected girlfriend. It won the prestige Montreal Just For Laughs Festival and many more.


Love and Germophobia Trailer